Writing Weekends

I am terrified by this dark thing that sleeps in me; all day I feel it’s feathery turning, it’s malignity-Slyvia Plath

The moonlight watched over the luminous lake as the two silhouettes stood under the stars. He was masked for his identity could not be revealed to possible onlookers especially when his companion was a princess, the future queen Freya. He wore all black as deep as the velvet of the night, her cloak was the same. They slipped like shadows into the night under the wisps of the willow. 

Come the sunrise of dawn the princess returned to her chambers to be greeted by the icy glare of Ivan’s stare.

“Where were you?”

“Does it matter? My moves are not of your concern”

“Really? Because they will once you are my wife or plan to wed another?”


“Then I forbid you to see Adam again”

Adam. Her Adam Fayreweather, the bakers boy. She had known him since her first visit to the village and their eyes locked and they went on adventures in the Whispering Wood and exploring ruins of ancient kingdoms. One day he kissed her hand and they shared the same smile, their love would be their secret forevermore. Until now.

That night the moon was at it’s highest.

“Adam you must leave. I can’t see you anymore”


“It’s Ivan he’s my…betrothed. He’s  threatened you and I won’t risk your life”

“Then why don’t we runaway together? We can start anew, no one will know who we are. Come with me”

“But Adam…” She looked at the distant castle lights. Her family, her sister’s, her home. 

“Freya come away with me…”

“No one’s going anywhere” The slick of ashen hair emerged from the willows shadows. 

“You leave him alone!” She stood across Adam’s body.

“Oh I’m not here for him” Adam vieled his sword. Before he could lash at the mysterious Prince, Adam was thrown back against the bark knocking him defenceless. 

“NO!” Then Ivan held his arm out towards her as Lily once had, only this time she was shot with green sparks.

Im olor secus stagnum Genesareth quia solid verus osculans amores conteram maledictio 

~Into a swan by the lake, for only true loves kiss this curse shall break~

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