Friday Floral Favourites 

1. First of Pjs, comfy socks and coffee. I don’t know about you but my favourite part of the day. Without coffee and Netflix I have no motivation to get up and have not been a morning person. These pjs are a combination of Disney store bambi pj bottoms  (2 years ago) and lose primark slouchy tee in purple. 

2. Another Primark addition to the list is the cream floral short jumpsuit with a link cardigan. I’m not normally too keen about ‘all in one’ clothing but with this it must be the material but it feels so good and don’t notice much at all. I have put this with an amethyst necklace from Amazon.

3. Not floral but going by the subject of jewellery, my two most recent buys on Amazon. Once Upon a Time charm bracelet with little symbols representing the characters. My favourite charm probably being the chipped cup representing Rumpbelle, with identifying so much with Belle and using her fashion as inspiration plus I love tea it’s hard not to. The other is the well recognised Evenstar that’s been used in many of my planned stories in the past but never a produced story but I’ve been working on a ouat inspired story using a necklace like it so watch out for that on here soon.

4. Stories bring me to books. First is a thriller I got from the supermarket Asda looking for a cheap book (waiting for student finance) and found this for only  £2.50. Unfourtantley I can’t give much away so I’ve attached the blurb below for the thriller mystery.

The other text is Country Living that helps me not feel as homesick when I’m at uni in the city. It gives me home decor ideas that I love doing with my room and recipes, one of floral sugar using rose petals and lavender. I have no rose but I have lavender and just simply mixed that with caster sugar in a mason jar. Suffering anxiety has allowed me to bathe in lavender products and I love the smell.

5. Smells, smellies, perfume. I bought the sample of this last year before a trip to Barcelona but I weirdly don’t attach the smell with that holiday but with the weather getting better Summer Rose seemed most applicable, especially considering I went to my boyfriend’s parents wedding recently that was definitely my best memory of this month, and a ‘student ball’ at the end of the May what’s wrong with something classy?  


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