Spring Favourites

Hey guys, so I’ve realised I haven’t posted a typical ‘blog post’ in a while and the favourites have been slowly building, especially with life changes and beautiful sun coming out again. In this post, I have selected a variety of beauty, books and TV show favourites so let’s get started because I can’t wait 🙂

1) Beauty&Fashion

Following last years fashion shoot post, florals and stripes have once again become a theme in my wardrobe with light jeans and skirts and now lace. I go for fresh floral fragrances and pink natural make up. I also got these beautiful silver drop earrings from Accessorize that were in the sale for £5 and currently obsessed with turquoise nail polish by Rimmel also. My lace top as shown is from FatFace, Striped top H&M and floral top Primark. Fragrances shown above are Ghost Girl, Rosie Original Perfume, Ted Baker body spray and Pattiserie Du Bain hand cream in Sugared Violet.


2) TV Programmes

I don’t know about you but I binge watch everything and recently been trying to get through my recommended list. At the start of the year I was obsessed with the Canadian tv series Heartland. People just shrug this off as a typical ‘horse programme’ but having grown up with shows like Saddle Club and Horseland, this doesn’t compare. Where they focus on the competitive life of a horse rider and stable life, Heartland focuses more on the relationship between horse and rider in both psychological and emotional sense how they impact each other. I also got recommended Black Sails from a good friend and fellow blogger, having attempted to watch over the summer I wanted to give it another try. It was worth it, Black Sails again is very character focussed in the same sense as Game of Thrones is. There’s blood, betrayal, sex and hunger for power over the seas (sound familiar?) Next, I also got recommended Gilmore Girls around the same time. A focussed teen and her rebellious mum, both obsessed with coffee, food, film and men only seeking approval of the older generation of Gilmores (John and Emily Gilmore, Loralei’s, the mum, parents and Rory’s, the teen, grandparents.) This highlights the foundations of family relationships, class prejudice, changing times and much more-this is one to snuggle down on the sofa with your mum and a nice hot drink. Finally Once Upon a Time (OUAT) about fairy tales, identity, fate and fortune-everyone must watch this!

3) Stationary

Two quick things, a diary and a notebook. 2017 Diary is from Waterstones I bought back when I was getting Christmas presents. I have an atlas inspired notebook from PaperChase I use all the time so this matches up perfectly. Because of this atlas notebook running out, being used for everything, I decided to treat myself to this beautiful embroidered notebook from Accessorize for £7.99. Absolutely beautiful and one I plan to keep on me at all times to write inspirations and stories in.

4) Books

I won’t go through all of these individually as I feel I have rambled on a lot on this post already. Throne of Glass is about a female assassin hired by the prince to be his champion, Were Rainbows End is a title most people would know more as Love Rosie, something I became motivated by Lorelai’s character in Gilmore Girls. Unfiltered, by the actor who played Rosie and one of my role models, isn’t as much a biography as it is a call to us, her readers, to have our own voice. Finally, tying with my love for fairy tales (like OUAT), Inkheart where the stories come to life through the power of silvertongues (such a cool name) showing the power of written word and speaking out loud. All of which I recommend to guys and girls alike.

I hope you lot have enjoyed this as much as I have writing it 🙂

Stay Strong ;

Whiterosewriting’s x








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