Why I Write

Ever since I was little, when mum used to read me stories to bed until I could read, I have always wanted to write.

Even when I could read, I insisted mum could keep on reading me to sleep because I loved being transported to another world. When I actually learnt to read, through the colour coded system of primary school, the power of an author intrigued me how someone could have all that power to put images in the readers mind.

This continued into the ‘real world’ of the playground where me and my friends played ‘role-play’ games like Aladdin, Harry Potter and X-Men. We made the playground our world, yes this may had been childish and still happened into the late age of 9 or 10, but I took pride in living in my own imagination. At the age of 11, the year of HSM, I started to get completely lost in my mind in thinking I was living in the world of romantic movies.

From the age of 16, this imagination completely destroyed me. I really did start merging fantasy and reality and believing it, in my early years there was still a recognition of the barriers between them but at 16 that all blurred. I started hearing voices telling me I was a failure, deserved to die, be skinnier and that love didn’t exist. That was the time I got diagnosed with severe anxiety, and depression only a year ago. Once I found out, it struck me just how much awareness there was on mental health and have made it my mission through inspiration of Cathy Cassidy’s Chocolate Box Girls to use my own stories and literature to do this.

Since then technology has changed and blogs became ‘the thing.’ I originally took the inspiration for the blog from YouTubers such as Zoella and Tanya Burr, who have their own stories and books published and are determined to raise awareness on different society issues such as mental health awareness and woman’s rights. I saw it as an opportunity to use mine to raise my own awareness to the public and have a weekly inspiration to write. Last year was rough, writing became awol and at irregular times but since then I have used the blog to write to a photo album of ‘blog writing prompts’ on Pinterest what I use to keep myself motivated each week in order to write, hopefully, one day, the word count will become enough to be a novel but until then I am sticking to flashfiction. Ever since mum read to me at night and I learnt to read and write.

What passions do yo have? Can you remember when and how you got into it? Let me know in comments below 🙂

Stay Strong ;

Whiterosewriting’s x










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