Writing Weekends :)

“Clary, c’mon! Simon’s here for you!”

“Mom! Don’t need to let the whole neighbourhood know!” Clary shouted down the stairs tying up her golden sunset hair.

“Love you!”

“Love you too!”

Was her hair better up or down? Everything she did looked wrong. She grabbed her hoodie off the full body mirror, catching a glimpse of her eyeliner already fading around her lush green eyes. Taking a step back inspected herself, tight black crop top and ripped faded grey jeans. She ran her fingers through her necklaces hanging by her bedside, watching the light glow through the jewelled amulets onto her open pile of sketchbooks until something caught her eye. Wait. What?

She saw the symbol first, something she had recognized as a child, a game she used to play maybe? It was faded against the red ink; HELP.

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