Writing Weekends :)

“Did you love her?”


“The girl in the photograph, you look happy, free…what happened?”

A distant flash of pain scored his face before returning to the wine. Corked. White. Chardonnay. She mentioned it was her favourite before meeting. He looked across to her darting chocolate eyes over his photos by the table.

“Anyway, this day is about us right? You don’t want to know the dark details believe me…”

“Okay. So what made you move here?” A cheeky smile glimpsed at the corner of her mouth as he poured the wine.


“Here? To the city, is it really that hard to understand?”

He held the bottle across his body for protection before smirking in the secret areas of his lips.

“Alright alright, I didn’t mean to give such a daunting sense of mystery. I move with the times, where my heart takes me, where I think I’m safe…”

“Safe? Why would you want it to be safe…you’re not in danger are you?”

Danger? She didn’t know half of it….

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