Righty, it’s been a while but its me again 🙂 Today, alongside other posts, I’ve decided to do a post on what makes me ‘feel good’ on a day off from studying. Alongside meeting friends for coffee, movie nights etc. I like to enjoy my own time and below is just a few examples.

I like to do yoga and meditate at least once a day using scented candles and YouTube videos such as Yoga TX and Yoga with Adrianne. This helps me enjoy the present moment and calm my anxieties.

Another thing I do is write my favourite memories of the new year in my ‘2017’ memory jar. I’ve seen this recommended on sites like Pinterest a lot and I thought it would be a great idea to do and filled it with my favourite things like fairy lights and glitter to help make it feel even better.

I enjoy making flower arrangements too, as a given by my blog name, white roses tend to be my favourite but I like to stay seasonal so have orange roses for autumn, red for winter, daffodils for spring and white for summer. This I see as a therapy as not only do I be creative in the arrangements but I get to look after something whilst I’m at university.

Finally, I love to snuggle down with some Bluebird Tea reading my book. My favourite one this new year, however; has been Me Before You. Not just because of the film that I find is pretty accurate to the book, minus a few scenes but how happy and quirky Lou’s character is, the question of life and death, poverty and wealth, so many questions are raised and I love something that makes you think as well as entertain.

Finally, I have a shower and do facemasks watching Netflix.

Right, so that’s me. What do you all do on your ‘down’ days? I’d love to know in the comments below 🙂

stay strong ; whiterosewritings x




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