Writing Weekends :)

This is a new thing I’ve been meaning to start since returning the blog. I don’t often go on Facebook so I turn to Pinterest for ideas for food, fashion and interior design ideas. I mainly use it for character and story ideas so I’ve made a folder of ‘writing prompts’ where I’m doing flash fiction every week for the blog. I hope you guys enjoy and inspires you also.

It had been exactly three years and two days since Dean had left. I thought we had been something, I had been something to him enough that he could stay. Then out of the blue he took off. He no longer existed.

I had walked past his house, ready for school. It was an empty case. Empty soul of a place. Dark and dead inside. Just like him, just like me months later. I didn’t let anyone get close enough to hurt me after that, to mom I was the ‘living dead,’ a ‘sofa sloth.’ Did nothing but mourn my loss. I don’t know how she got me back into school but she did it, I started drawing again, sketches of my demons, places Dean might be. It got me into Art College in NYC, away from my little town, my home, Dean’s home. Little did I know the past would come back to bite me.

“NO!” I shrieked as I saw the darkness dislocate my mom’s body in the alley. The shadows turned on me. How do I outrun them? I went for the nearest streetlight there was a flash of something, a knife. What the…A flash. I screamed. Ducking out of the impact. Gravel indenting itself into the palm of my hands.

“Sammy?” Dean?!

I looked up, there was nothing. No Dean, no dark demon, no mom…just a black fur dripping with her blood.

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