Autumn Reading List


1.The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien

Dragons, gold, Dwarves, a heroes quest. For all those fans of Tolkien, this book is perfect as an easy autumn read as Bilbo goes on his quest to help Thorin and his company reclaim The Lonely Mountain and the Arkenstone. Three films however, does not necessarily mean an accurate representation so its always worth a read. Perfect for pre-teens also.


2.The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

Speaking of pre-teens, this one is one for those 15yrs onwards. Demons, leather, symbols. Crossing the works of wicca and hot leather bound characters this is one for those fans of the TV series Supernatural (and Netflix’x Shadowhunter series.) This book shows how important expressing yourself is, whether its through art, writing, reading or even forbidden love, its worth fighting for. Definitely a modern fantasy for those who enjoy breaking boundaries.

3.Beastly by Alex Flinn

Much like The Hobbit, I used to read this every autumn to the point the book is well worn. This is a book (not done justice by the film) that tells the story of Beauty and The Beast in a modern gothic setting much like the world of Mortal Instruments (just less demons, more witches.) Being told from the Beast’s perspective, Flinn tells the antagonist’s story beautiful and is the reason why this blog is called ‘Whiterose’ in the first place. A forever love of mine.

4.Carrie by Stephen King

The ultimate Halloween classic. As a lover of psychology (see Beastly above) this book is brilliant at practising analysing people. Told in fragmented police reports, statements and in various character’s perspective, King’s narrative tells the tale leading up to that significant prom night as Carrie is covered in blood. An amazing book and I’m not a massive horror lover!


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