Autumn/Fall Beauty Must-Have’s



  1. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick 016 Heartbreaker
  2. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick 128 Starry Eyed
  3. Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid 45 Processed Plum

I have always had a decent collection of lip balms and sticks but never been very good at wearing or using them until this summer where I went for baby pink tones. Normally, I’d stay away from plum dark tones but in light of the season it seemed only appropriate to experiment the last months and these are the three (in order) I’d rate. They last ages even with drinks and offer moisture for ages, two things I look for in a decent lipstick. What’s more? They’re sold at all good drugstores, its hard not to find Rimmel these days in the UK and is the cheapest lipsticks on the makeup stand making it ideal for all those (like me) on a student budget, costing just under £5 when most is over these days. The Maybelline one was more bought as an experiment. I don’t normally like lip gloss but this is more like the ‘trendy’ liquid lipstick and lasted the entire day!



This is more of a favourite than an autumn recommendation, however, I have been burdened with the joys of a small face and therefore small eyes which makes ‘the perfect mascara’ a hunt of its own in which I want my eyelashes to look longer and bolder but without clumping. I put the Rimmel Wonderfull mascara on one of my beauty favourites earlier this year at the start of my blog as it did not clump but for a mascara it offered minimal volume and boldness. Bourjois has always been a favourite brand of mine and over summer treated myself to the Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara which, in basic summary, filled all of my criteria.



Okay so this was an impulse buy. I saw this nail polish on my Pinterest and just had to buy it. It’s a beautiful red, burgundy tone from Essie called Angora Cardi, a hard name to remember I know but lasts ages, is silky to apply and dries quickly-plus it’s perfect for autumn/fall and winter so what more could you want?


My favourites left till last, obviously! So, the first is Impluse-Instant Crush. Why is it on the autumn must haves? It smells like apples! It’s not too fruity and not too sweet either compared to other ‘apple’ sprays I have smelt in the past. I have a Lottie Caramel Apple lip balm (I wear under lipsticks) that smells very similar. However, like most fragrances and beauty products, I understand it isn’t for everyone.


Additionally, Loverdose Red Kiss. I am a HUGE fan of anything Diesel fragrance, especially where it concerns the male fragrances (Only the Brave, BAD) however, Red Kiss is obviously for females. Although it is more aimed at the valentines period, I see this as appropriate nonetheless. It is sweet with sexy musky undertones and, just look at the bottle! You can freak anyone out just carrying a heart around with you.

I hope you guys hoped this was helpful or just interesting. Please like and comment below 🙂

Stay strong ;

Whiterose x








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