Keeping on Track Part 7 of 10


There was grunts and groans of annoyance as people got up from their seats saying things like; “typical trains” “completely unreliable” “last time I take the train home after all this! Should’ve hired a taxi in the first place!” Ben and I just sat there soaking it all in. Someone plied open the  automatic doors and people jumped onto the track until it was only Ben and I were left on the empty carriage.

He took the leap onto the darkened track first. Then I sat on the side letting my legs dangle over the tracks making me feel like an infant in a highchair again. He held out his hand for me to help me down. I gave him a look. Don’t let him know you’re afraid of heights.

“Do you trust me?”


“Do you trust me?”

“Err…” I took his hand anyway. I jumped. Into, his arms? He grabbed my hand and we raced into the night.



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