Keeping On Track Part 4 of 10

I’m really sorry for not updating much guys! I’ve been ill in bed the last few weeks and have been a bit rough emotionally, so these Keeping on Track updates and any other posts I planned/promoted will be coming just a few weeks delayed and because of staying in bed (not by choice) tackling a fever and flu it means there will be no July favourites post as they haven’t changed since my June post (apologies!) Okay, here’s part 4.


“So, do you get stuck at the station often?”

She looks at me so taken aback I’m scared I’ve offended her in only a matter of minutes of meeting her. Shit.

“No, I don’t get stuck at stations often. Don’t sometimes take the train at all, If it wasn’t for the party…”

“You came from a party? That’s so cool!”


“In a nightclub actually, started off in PRYZYM and then…” I went back to Daniel’s, I had to please him the only way he had taught me to….it hurt me…then in anger I left him…but I would never tell you that because you’re just a stranger.

He didn’t pressure me for more information, only a look of understanding staring right back at me.

“What about you? Do you randomly help stranded girls all the time or is that just an occasional thing?” I could feel a big grin forming on my face at my confidence to ask such a witty question.


No, I generally focus more on the male specimen and write poems on how much I admire them on my rooftop on looking the Pier lights, the sea and the rest of the city. Girls are generally a bit of a no go zone for me so god knows why I helped you, just felt I had to.   

“Nah just this once,” Something about my answer made me avoid all eye contact with Lily and stare down at my lap instead. As I do, it gives me a perfect view of her arms crossed in front of her (I couldn’t care less about her breasts) and notice something peculiar about them, something I recognise but cant work out why. Then I look down at my own, it hits me.


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