Keeping on Track-Part 3 of 10


She looked at me as stunned as I felt that the words were coming out my mouth. I don’t know, I just, felt I had to help her. The barrier men looked at me questionably.

I took a deep breath. “That right darlin’?” Why do I sound like an idiot?!

She merely nodded. Her sea glass eyes hidden under a veil of milk chocolate hair. I had to snap myself back to reality.

“See? Now will you let her past? She has a ticket and everything, we’re going to miss our train for gods sake.”

The guys nod.

I grab her hand and run for the nearest train.

“Thank you” She let out breathlessly.

“Don’t mention it” I smiled out the corner of my mouth, despite myself.


He makes sure I get on the train first and I find a place to sit. Two seats front facing, I choose the one by the window as he slides in next to me.

“Thank you, again” I say, barely a whisper.

Instead of repeating himself, he holds out his hand for a hand shake. “I’m Ben, by the way.”

I look down at his outstretched arm and back into his dark eyes. I spy a tattoo in the shape of two large angel wings on his wrist and something else I dare not admit to just yet.

“What? Never had a handshake before?”

Ha. “No, just not good with new people I guess…and guys! I’m Lily.” I shake his hand. I try and ignore the fact that our hands fit perfectly.

I had this dream for years. Not the same one exactly, the only changing variable being where we were in the dream. We had sat on my bed in each other’s arms and just talked about ourselves the entire night until one of us woke up. Another time we were on a beach, somewhere like Greece, just talking. I had met his sister that day as she explored the Greek island with us whilst he met Daniel, my boyfriend. It was always when I felt most alone too that he would always be there in my dreams making me want to go to sleep earlier that night just to feel a hug of warmth from a stranger in my head. He had said his name was Bobby. My height, midnight black hair and coal dark eyes with a smile that made me feel so uncontrollably drawn to him. I was right in that his name did in fact start with a B, but it wasn’t Bobby, it was the guy sitting right next to me. Ben.


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