June Favourites 2016

So once again it’s been another eventful month. After having started a completely new job for summer, I got dismissed again by the doctor and have been in recovery since for mental health, but that’s for another week. Over the last month, I was lucky enough to get my old job back in health and beauty retail and go to Cornwall for my fiancé. I ALSO, at the start of July celebrated my fiancé’s birthday over an extended weekend. So much happened so much t0o fit in to one post I can’t wait to tell you guys!

I’m going to start with beauty favourites, if you’ve read my Brighton Beauty Blog Post you’ll understand why 🙂

  1. Barry M Coconut Oil Collection in Iguana and Barry M Nail Pen

As shown in picture, the designs you can create with a nail art pen is endless and plan to get a black one too in order to do some Shadowhunter themed nails soon following another one of my favourites. The coconut oil collection is great as it helps strengthen and nourish your nails perfect for the summer season and in such beautiful colours. I cannot list the number of times I have been complimented on my nails on the colour alone! Definitely a decent beauty buy!

2. Lush-Comforter Shower Gel and Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

I have made many trips to Lush in the last month or so, partly for me, partly for my fiancé’s birthday (he was lucky enough to get a Karma gift set from yours truly.) But on the random trip to Brighton, as shown in the blog post, I have fallen completely in love with all my recent Lush buys. Although they maybe sweet, possibly too sweet for some, just a smell of these calms me and makes me happy instantly. Not only that, but they change the colour of your shower/bath to pink! Over the years I have drifted off of the colour pink but there’s something about having something sweet in the shower that just makes me smile.


3. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and Shadowhunter series on Netflix

Okay, so here’s some entertainment that I didn’t really do last month. This time, I actually am hooked on something than just trying to pass by. The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare is exactly that. Although I have seen the film various times, and attempted to read the book City of Bones three times in the past three years, it has finally cracked through to me and I love the world she has created. For my own personal reasons I enjoy it because it excites the city urban environment (after struggling through my first year of uni, living in the city for the first time) but most importantly, the demons. For someone who is fighting inner demons everyday, Cassandra Clare brings those demons to a physical form and helps defend us with the creation of Shadowhunters, half human half angels who kill demons (like they do in Supernatural.) Because of this I am now rewatching the Netflix series Shadowhunters and just absolutely loving it and the hot cast! I could rant on all day about Clare’s world but I think I’d need another blog post for that.


4. Urban Outfitters-Globe Watch

So I needed a watch and have been putting off getting one for ages. Since starting retail, however, I have found that I need one more than constantly referring to my phone. This is just in here because, well, I love it and I’ve put all my other favourite jewellery in past posts. For £20 this watch is definitely a fashion statement on the wrist.


5. Cornwall 🙂

Finally, a favourite for a few years now-my lovely travels to the West Country with my fiancé. Although I was struggling this time round, it made the escape seem even more beautiful in a bittersweet way that helped me find myself again.


So that’s the last month’s adventures all in one post for ya 🙂 If you have any June Favourites feel free to comment below. If you want to see more of these combination posts where I just mush everything together and rant for a bit-give the post a like and follow if you want. Right that’s me done, look out for my Keeping on Track Part 3 post coming soon today too 🙂

Stay strong ;

Whiterose x


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