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So as of yesterday I reached my first milestone on my What I Eat in a Day blog post with loads of views and likes so I just wanted to start and say thank you :’) you guys are honestly awesome and so glad you share the same passion for food as I do so expect more of those coming soon.

Today I needed a pick me up so I went to my all-time favourite place to go (as always) and went to Brighton. I thought I’d share with you some of my buys from today really…enjoy 🙂

First things first I went to Lush with the plan of merely buying The Comforter Shower Gel (as shown above.)  The reason being that I just don’t have baths very often and since as my Zoella one has run out, its given me a chance to use Lush. The Comforter is a really sweet scent and unlike some of their products, its not seasonal and in their constant range. This is great if you’ve just started shopping in Lush as this scent is used in most of their products including a bubble bar and shower gel and is great as a safe sweet scent. However, Lush are very good at showing you the bath bombs, bubble bars and bath oils which all look amazing and couldn’t help but treat myself to Creamy Candy (as shown above) which I would say smells sweeter than Comforter but looks amazing and cute all the same.


After Lush, I popped into Paperchase before heading into Boots further up the high street. There, I finally got myself some new nail products from Barry M. Their new Coconut Infusion range in the colour Laguna and a white nail art pen. The nail art pen is self-explanatory, I just wanted to do some nail designs. The polish however, is this beautiful light blue with almost a hint of lilac that to me, just rings beach and holidays. Also, this is from their Coconut Infusion range that is supposed to ‘hydrate and nourish nails’ with something that helps strengthen them too which is great because, with anxiety and boredom, my nails are terrible so they can look good whilst I help them now which is weird and cool at the same time.

Finally, books. I went in and out Churchill Square for a bit before finally heading into my all-time favourite shop Waterstones. I was looking for a book about mental health awareness that was ideally about my current situation and/or a long read that I wouldn’t finish in a day of getting it. Instead, I found If I Was Your Girl By Meredith Russo, that if anyone’s come across The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson (who I was lucky enough to meet last year in that exact store) then it’s along similar lines about being transgender and finding your true identity. This one is about Amanda who has moved to a new school but in her old school she went by the name of Andrew so it’s a matter of keeping secrets, new beginnings and finding out who she really is and embracing that which really appealed to me as I’ve had various friends in the past who have toyed with the boundaries of genders and so bought it as a gift for someone. After this find, I sat down and recollected myself with a mocha and a sandwich from the Waterstones CafĂ©, writing a poem for my own awareness story (watch this space for chapters, sneak peaks etc.) After late lunch at 3pm I wandered around more, determined to find this book in the YA section and had no luck. Disapointed, I went downstairs to leave and wander round the stationary where I found the most beautiful Seasalt notebook set with patterns of bunting, boats and stripes, as I’m going on a trip to Cornwall in a matter of days (look out Cornwall!) I thought these were ideal for scrapbooks, dairies, sketch pads or just notebooks for stories-plus 3 in a pack, what could go wrong? It was there that I saw a YA table with more books on offer and one in particular caught my eye; Whisper to Me by Nick Lake. I read the blurb and I hate to say but I teared up and if there was ever a love story between the reader and the book, this was it. Not only is the cover a beautiful sunset with sillouettes of roller coasters but the synphosis was basically about someone who hears voices in their head and so, to explain everything to their new love, has written it down in letters asking for them to accept their apology. So long story short (pardon the pun) I bought all three then headed home after exploring The Laines and North Lanes on the way back.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post-like, share or comment…maybe all three! If you want more haul/day out posts let me know as I cant go a few days staying cooped up inside. Love you! ❤ Stay strong lovlies ;


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