May Favourites 2016


Following the dramas of April, such as being involved in a train accident, May has been a lot nicer and so thought it was appropriate to start monthly favourites as a way to show my appreciation for everything in life both big and small.

I am going to start with beauty products and work through books, jewellery and then ending with the bigger things like all the amazing opportunities I have been lucky enough to have the past month or so.

Firstly, shower stuff. I often find showers are the time to be luxurious and relax, giving your skin the treatment it deserves that you possibly haven’t had time to do before then.

  1. Good Things Spa-Manuka Honey Shower Exfoliator.

Oh my gosh this stuff is amazing. I’m someone who enjoys sweet scents but not in bathroom items but more fragrances, this however, became my exception. It’s something that you wash on your body to then use a moisturising shower foam after in order to get better results. Because it’s an exfoliator, the texture is quite sandy which takes a while to get used to. I love what Good Things stand for, natural beauty, natural goodness with no animal testing involved much like LUSH.WP_20160531_11_02_53_Pro (2)2. Zoella Beauty-Flowers and Showers Shower Gel and Body Butter

Following the Good Things Body scrub you need a moisturising shower gel or moisturiser of some sort for best results on your skin. I use Zoella’s products often and my god I love them. They have a beautiful subtle smell that most people I know like and if not, they seem to prefer the other collection. Although these are samples from her Christmas drawer collection I recommend them nonetheless. I would use Flowers and Showers after using the body exfoliator. After the shower I then use the body butter on my hands and arms as my hands get dry after a shower and gives them a nice scent allowing me to feel well and truly pampered after a simple shower.

WP_20160531_11_03_07_Pro (2)

3. Benefit make-up; Firm It Up Moisturising Serum

Talking of samples, when in Boots to get a decent meal deal Benefit make-up approached me about their new brow products and with the brow products I received a few samples of their new eye products including their serum. I don’t often believe in things like this with the high price tag but by trying something new I have discovered I’m indeed wrong. On a normal day I would put this on under my eyes before or without concealing after and over the course of the day I have noticed a massive difference. My eyes are no longer dark or as puffy but more full and youthful like they should for a 19 year old on 8-9 hours sleep than always looking tired. I’m not a hundred percent sure if it has been released yet but will leave a link below to their website;



4. Ashley Jewels-Semi Colon Bracelet

WP_20160531_11_04_32_ProThis is a more personal product and something I wear without fail most days. After my train accident I felt like giving up everything despite what I had fought for and got through my first year at uni, where I wanted to be. I know this probably doesn’t make sense and might do a blog post on it sometime in the near future but I’m not promising anything I’m afraid.

Anyway, as I started feeling myself, and since as I’ve always wanted a semi colon tattoo it seemed only perfect fitting to get it last month.

I love what Ashley Jewels does by raising awareness for mental health by donating money to the Canadian Mental Health Association and so I’ve left the link below to help show support;

5. Midsummer Magic by Julia Williams

WP_20160531_11_04_49_ProWP_20160519_17_15_18_ProA couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to see A Midsummer Nights Dream at The Globe, London. With a few twists turns and eccentric characters this was truly magical. In order to satisfy my want for the play without rereading the whole thing I came across Midsummer Magic in passing and was the perfect modern adaptation by using the powers of mind control than a purple flower and using an engaged couple and their two friends as the lovers. If you want to get into Shakespeare this is a book to go to 🙂

6. Calm Book

As someone who suffers high anxiety and depression I struggle to feel calm and happy most of the time and after the accident this became harder still. I used to have the CALM app back when I had an android phone but since having a Windows Phone I’m yet to find a decent alternative that is as good as CALM. Instead, I have listen to various raved reviews about this book and oh my god they’re right. With my only criticisms being that they need more ‘diary entry’ pages it’s a definite worth a buy with pages for drawing prompts, flower pressing and mediation this book has everything you need to feel calm and happy again.


7. Opportunities and Trips 


As presented in my previous blog posts, I have managed to see amazing sights and travel amazing places this last month including Chawton (Jane Austen’s House) A Week in Venice and Brighton where I ended my day making brownies, then cupcakes a few days later before making healthy banana bread a few days ago and enjoying the Art in Ditchling Exhibition that is truly stunning every year. I am grateful for my opportunities and trips and grateful for everything to come. I hope everybody has an amazing June 🙂 Look out for more bakes, fashion and adventures 🙂

Love you guys ❤ Stay Strong ;

Whiterose x







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