#MakeupMondays Spring Lookbook

Since as I haven’t done a make-up post in a while since starting my blog and after my Spring Lookbook  Blog Post I thought it would be cool to show what products not only clothes-wise but make-up wise too.

  1. Face

Superdrug Own Brand B. Medium/Light Vol. 7 Pro Face Kit

WP_20160331_17_46_56_Rich_LI (2).jpg

B. is an amazing range created by Superdrug themselves, both cruelty free and incredibly cheap. I bought this for £9.99 in store and don’t regret it. I am not someone who’s incredibly keen on foundation so this palette gives a great alternative where you are given a selection of B’s concealer, foundation, press powder, highlighter with a make-up cloth for application. This kit is decently priced for the contents and can be used as a sampler for the B. range and great for cosmetic loving friends too.

Con: Possibly be a bit big for some make-up bags.



2. BlushSleek Shimmer Blush Rose Gold 926

Following the current trend of copper/rose-gold looks it was hard not to treat myself to Sleek. This shimmering small blush is so beautiful and such a convenient size for any make-up bag it’s hard to resist. The pigmentation is just right, subtle enough for a decent pink flush and vibrant enough for those spring/summer months. http://www.superdrug.com/Sleek/Sleek-Shimmer-Blush-Rose-Gold/p/222205


3. Collection Contouring and Highlighting Palette Kit

Cheap, convenient with a golden shimmer this contouring palette is one of those basics that every girl that doesn’t cost a tonne to have. Much like the Sleek blush, this is a decent size for those owning a smaller make-up bag and unlike the prejudice of ‘cheaper the brand the cheaper the quality’ of make-up brands, Collection prove us wrong with a gorgeous pigmentation on the contour and lovely shimmer on the highlighter. After talking to my sister about my buy she also went out and got one on a later shopping trip. A good buy all round really 🙂   http://www.superdrug.com/Make-Up/Face/Contouring/Collection-Contour-Kit-Contour-Kit-1/p/523101



4.  Eyeshadow Sleek I-Divine A New Day Palette


This eyeshadow is definitely one of my best buys so far in 2016. A New Day palette features light shades perfect for any look with a mixture of both matte and shimmery shades.  During the Shrubs and Stripes Spring Lookbook post I wore Be Happy (Top Right); a matte shade a subtle mixture of light orange and cream and Believer (2nd right, bottom row); a shimmering mixture of white and gold. The names are adorable with perfect pigmentation, although with a more pricey product compared to the B. range budget for example as costs 7.99, a typical price tag for eyeshadow selections this size.




5. Rimmel WonderFull Waterproof Mascara & Rimmel Special Eyes Eye Pencil

First thing to say is that I think the packaging for the WonderFull Mascara is such a lovely colour in a beautiful tropical blue. On another note, this mascara is brilliant as it contains argan oil which means it doesn’t clump when you apply. For only £7.99 this is a decent price for a decent quality make-up bag must-have.


Additionally, the Special Eyes eye pencil was a recommendation and what I wore under my eyes for that extra definition that after a long day gives Simple, cheap and trustworthy. http://www.superdrug.com/Rimmel/Rimmel-Special-Eyes-Eyeliner-Pencil-Black-Magic-161/p/516625


6. L’Oréal Superstar Superliner

This eyeliner on the other hand is more of a luxury product compared the 2.99 Rimmel brand. This liquid eyeliner is what I use on my top eyelid sometimes both before and after applying eyeshadow. This also has a lovely liquid nip which helps with easy application and I adore the packaging of black and gold in true L’Oréal fashion.



7. Bourjois Paris Colour Boost Lip Pen Fuchsia Libre 2

Bourjois is a brand I often recommend to my customers as much as possible. It is a more mediocre brand price-wise compared to L’Oréal or B. and guaranteed quality products. I WP_20160331_17_49_50_Rich_LIstarted buying the lip pen last year. I chose Fuchsia because it’s darker compared to my usual pale colours and something perfect for the winter/spring changeover.





8. Got2B Beach Matt Sea Salt Spray



A great handbag must-have for those looking for the loose texturised look. Spray on before going anywhere, use hands to crimple hair into volumised look or put hair up in bun or plat and spray for desired effect. This is a beauty product always on offer and something worth taking on holidays or as a handbag essential.






Well, that’s all what I wore for the Spring Lookbook photoshoot, comment your own recommendations and reviews below I’m always happy to hear what you think 🙂

Signing off and out, Whiterosewriting’s x


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