How to survive the Titanic according to Sidney Daniels (1912)

  1. Relax. Stay in bed a while to get your baring’s. You need to be alert to realise a change.
  2. Listen to the night watchmen. There appears to be a problem.
  3. Help people into boats. Women and children! Women and children! You are a steward, guests come first.
  4. Swim to a collapsible boat in the ship’s final hours
  5. Wait with them until help arrives from another ship
  6. Stay awake! “Otherwise you will not wake up”
  7. Help will always come
  8. Travel from Portsmouth to Southampton on train
  9. Meet and surprise father
  10. You are not missing as he claims the reports have been saying!
  11. Become acclaimed one of the few heroes and survivors of the titanic
  12. Go fight in WWI…
  13. …Then WWII


Look out for other posts about #MrDanielsisDrowning coming soon 🙂


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