#Flashfictionfriday: She was the last thing I expected to see


I went to the big house when I was a little girl. Muma had wanted to pay the Bennett’s a visit with a hamper for the kitchen maid. The ‘house’ was huge. Portaits of different monarchs and inheritance’s painted the walls whilst different vases, chairs and ceilings of various countries and cultures jewelled the room. They must be royalty. My naive mind thought.

Then she came. She came down the stairs dashing down the stairs away from her brother William. “Hello, I’m Elizabeth.” She held out her hand.

“Mariana,” My heart was a ticking clock of every millisecond that passed at her touch. I thought it was just nerves. Little did I know this was love. Love, for she was the last thing I expected to find.

As years went by, I saw those large emerald eyes and long whisper of copper hair from afar whenever she visited the village over the years.

One time, I even blocked her from being harassed by a gang of teenage boys. I paid the price though, she never knew. Another time she didn’t have enough coppers for a magazine, I made up the difference afterwards. I had allowed her to become ignorant to my affection through her lack of knowledge as to my existance.

One day Muma was invited back to the big house. I was 21 now. Elizabeth was 20. When she floated down the stairs Elizabeth was merely a dream. An illusion of all my desires. My heart had started to die over the years. Not understanding the point of life anymore. She started it’s ticking again with just a connection with those lush green eyes. I thought she was at a garden party, that was why I had agreed to go.

She was the last thing I expected to see.



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