My Top 10 Health and Beauty Essentials

As many of you may know, I work in the Health and Beauty Industry so thought it’ll be worth giving you guys a list on my top 10 reccomended favourites either for a night in, night out or just handbag essentials.

  1. L’Oreal Ultimate Blends Shampoo&Conditioner; I love this stuff and have got through most of their range (despite them releasing new products over the year!) They smell so good from flowers to fruits and I have found has made the most positive impact on my hair. They also have a selection for any type of hair, at the start of the year I was using their blonde range (my natural colour) before having to use the coloured hair range (as my hair is now strawberry blonde-ginger) and found it really makes you feel fresh and ready for the day, garanteed not to have a bad hair day with these 🙂 Okay moving on…
  2. Superdrug Own Brand Naturally Radiant Moisturiser and Serum;  I was quite pessimistic about this one as it was just something I needed for my cleansing routine so put it in the basket in a rush. I do not regret it though as like the Ultimate Blends, it smells divine and has become my favourite part of my beauty regime in the evening. Not only is it cheap but it is all natural ingredients and not tested on animals which is a bonus.
  3. Zoella Soak Opera Shower Gel; I actually don’t own a bath in my student accomodation so have failed to enjoy in Zoella’s bath range, but in the shower range-oh my goodness this makes you feel amazing. It’s quite a sweet one so is not for everyone but if you have a shower puff, put a squirt on the puff and rub it in letting it foam under the shower before washing yourself, showering no longer feels like a boring chore, it makes me feel like, no, this is my time to freshen up and feel more me. This probably doesn’t make sense to many…it’s just a very luxurious product for shower time really.
  4. Garnier 3 in 1 face scrub; Moving on from shower and back to after the shower when you’re in your cosy nightgown looking at your faults, have no fear for Garnier 3 in 1 is here! It is a mixture of a mask, scrub and wash. I personally use it as a mask (which makes me look like a scary santa) but this smells so good and works if you have sensitive skin as I often found i had red marks where my skin has reacted to my cleanser but if you have sensitive skin like me, I have found this is worth a buy as i have not found any skin reactions to it at all which makes it awesome.
  5. Lush Candy Mountain This is a bit of a limited edition product but couldn’t help not throwing it in here. Again, the scent of this is quite sweet so depends on your personal tastes again but i loved the idea of the bubble bars without the need to buy a 200ml plus bottle of bubble bath. I actually got this when i went home over the christmas holidays (where i do have a bath) so took the advantage of the fact i could. It looks adorable like a baby pink and white swirl with a bit of glitter, the smell is a bit like vanilla and candy canes which sounds weird but look out for it in the christmas range 🙂
  6. Rimmel Wonder’Full Mascara  My Finace actually got me this last summer and I’m impressed and been hooked ever since. The Collection is in these gorgous metallic cases and the usage is a plastic brush. The actual mascara is made with Argan Oil that means the lashes don’t clump on application. This is something I just cant go a day without and have been lately wearing waterproof due to the rubbish winter weather and have had no smudges or problems with it at all.
  7. Maybelline Baby Skin Primer  It wasn’t until last summer I became aware of this idea of primers and what they do. I have found they are definitely a useful product to use, especially before a night out where you may wear more make-up than usual. You basically apply it after cleansing on your cheeks and under eyes which gives you an inital coverage before applying foundation and concealer. I also find that after application and putting on eyeliner, it is great as a face ‘rubber’ to rub out those odd mistakes where the liner has gone askew.
  8. Bonjour Colour Boost Lip Pencils I am a massive fan of Bonjours and their range. They are more pricey but worth it. One product in particular is their Colour Boost Lip Pencils that caught my eye. They just do what you want really, they colour in these lush shades of pink and also moisturise so there’s no need for balm underneath before application. They also smell and taste soo good like one I have called ‘Fuchsia Love’ smells of berries and strawberries which is always one of those good little bonuses.
  9. Superdrug Own Brand Tea Tree Spot Stick  Have a spot you just can’t get rid of? Have no fear! This is a cheap, easy resort and is garanteed to take your spots away in at least 3 days max 🙂 I have found this has become an all round reccomended product so it’s definitely worth a try.
  10. Miss Sporty Fabulous Eyes Glossy Shadow If you’re finding your make up routine in the morning too time consuming for work or your 8.45/9 start for school, college or uni then this is a fab product for you. As they’re pencils it means all you have to do is a quick swipe across your front lids and you’re done. Quick, convienent and fairly reasonable this is a great handbag favourite with colours ranging from grey to copper, from gold to shimmering baby pink, you’re spoilt for choice really!

Right so that’s my Top 10, what’s yours? Comment and follow below, I hope you enjoyed reading this and hope you can feel you can try some different products if you feel you can’t seem to find the right one lately, anyway, thanks guys!

Signing off and out, whiterosewriting’s x

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