A bit of a random ramble this one but I found it was quite a general subject most of us can relate to. Dreams.

Have you ever had a dream about someone in your class and felt you couldn’t look at them the same way again? Do you have the same dream? Do you visit the same place? Do you forget that you were sleeping?

These are questions we all ask ourselves after a night’s sleep, no matter how long it has taken for us to drift off. However, I had the most weirdest dream that wasn’t prompted or anything and I just thought it would be worth sharing and something that even I woke up thinking that it could only exist in fiction.

Basically, I met a boy. I can’t tell you when but I know I was back home, he had a girlfriend and I said I was engaged and showed him my ring. We, however, completely clicked, like that fairy-tale feeling you get when you know you’re with The One, the same that I have with my fiancé. I had that and hoped he did too. Because of our situations he came round mine and we laid on my bed in a embrace just learning about each other and soaking in our time together before time was up. I then woke up for work. The problem is, it felt real and the confusion I felt when I woke up was bittersweet in a sense and have been hoping to dream of him again.

I know it is possible to dream the same things because as a child I had a horrible nightmare involving members of my family outside a church. Since then I have been trying to find that church and have been unsuccessful since. However, in my pre teen years I had a dream about a glade with a willow tree, some rocks completely isolated in the country. I did not have the same dream there, instead I visited there in my dreams more than the once. It does make you wonder doesn’t it? The power of our unconscious mind and the confusing state it leaves us all in.

Have you got any weird dream accounts? Have you discovered why? How did you feel after?

Feel free to comment below my lovelies 🙂 speak soon!

whiterosewriting’s x



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