The Best 5 Films of 2015!

As some of you may or may not know is that not only am I a bookaholic but I’m also film obsessed. Because of this and a way to celebrate the last year I thought it would be cool to do a list of the best films of 2015 (in my own personal opinion!)

5.  Paper Towns Based on the book by John Green this definitely became my sister’s favourite. In true John Green style there is symbolisation everywhere (and a few sneaky cameos.) It is definitely one for young teen audiences everywhere


4. Inside Out A film that can definitely be appealing for all ages, young and old. This is very interesting storytelling where Pixar presents us a story within a story (metafiction) in order to tell both the external and internal conflicts involving the main character, Riley. As having an interest in psychology myself (and a massive Disney fan) I find this brings the two loves together fantastically. 6.24

3. Mockingjay Part 2

This is one for the ‘fangirls’ out there. I’m so sad that this series has come to an end and has taken it’s readers and viewers on an emotional rollercoaster. A soppy fact about me is that Peeta was one of my first fictional crushes both reading the book and watching the film, as portrayed by Josh Hutcherson. However, my fiancé and I both agree what has made these films so emotional is the exquisite acting skill that has gone into each character’s development making you feel exactly as you should at each point in the plot.



2. Cinderella

My fiancé and I were lucky enough to go to the Swarovski exhibition just before we saw the film of Cinderella, allowing us to see the sets and costumes before the film itself. This helped us definitely appreciate the workmanship that goes into each and every detail on screen. I love the era of the 17th/18th century and I love how beautiful Cinderella’s transformation is into the most stunning dress, no matter how controversial. I just found this movie stunning to look at in every part. It has the same style as the Nanny McPhee films without the gothic element and starring Helen Bohan Carter makes the film a dream as I find her screen time just fantastic! She brings the film to life I believe as Cinderella becomes oppressed by the deliciously played Cate Blanchett on the night of the ball and thus my favourite 10 minute scene in the entire film, the transformation. A must see definitely!


1. Spectre

Finally…Mr Bond.  I have only seen a few Bond films but this one I just found the best one (other than my personal favourite of Mr No and Casino Royale) as the best Bond yet! This film is so unpredictable, especially if you haven’t read up articles on it before (like me,) you’re in for a few surprises! As a Sherlock fan, the appearance of Andrew Scott was just as scarily gripping as his performance as Moriarty and helped get me excited to see him the rest of the film. The filmmaking, much like Inside Out, is also very clever as it follows everyone of our favourite agents in MI6 such as M, Moneypenny and Q, as well as 007. This is something I felt Mendes tried in Skyfall but ended up focussing more on 007’s internal conflicts and history whereas this one does all that and grips our focus to the other members without allowing the spectator’s to lose interest or get too confused. My favourite scene, it has to be said, is where Bond is on search for Madeline Swann in the labrynth of bloody messages on the walls…it sends chills down your spine but it is absolutely incredible and a good tribute to the rest of the franchise. Spectre.2015Thank you for reading guys, once again I know some films are a bit of a ramble but comment down below to let me know what film made your 2015, and finally, look out for some new posts coming soon! 🙂

signing off and out, whiterosewriting’s x


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