Books for a winter cosy night in

  1. On the lead up to Christmas there are definitely at least three books I have started to read every year. The first one would be Something from Tiffany’s by Melissa Hill. Set in New York following two couples in two very different situations collide when both men forget to get their partners gifts and raise to Tiffany’s but after an accident, their gifts are swapped and the story is all about trying to swap the gifts back (one a bracelet, one an engagement ring!) I was scared this would be a typical predictable romance but Melissa Hill keeps you on your toes and I was shocked at the result at the end which I loved as I hate knowing the end as I start but Melissa Hill leaves no clues and so that’s why I highly recommend this one.

2. Following all that gift shopping at Christmas, the days are quickly approaching Christmas day. The best book for this time that I did actually read on Christmas eve (when the book was set) was Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson & Lauren Myracle (in that order.) It’s three short Christmas romance stories by the three different authors really, I wont say much more than that as I’m scared to give spoilers but it is definitely a winter warmer and my favourite short story was probably the last one. If you love Starbucks in the winter, read it there with a warm hot chocolate and cookies. You won’t be disappointed.

3. A childhood favourite. This one was a story read to my siblings and I when we were younger just before bed on Christmas Eve. It was of course, The Night Before Christmas. Our parents were lovely enough to put one of our names inside the book so they became a character in the book and I just love it and one I plan to read in the future also. It is just such a simple easy story with a clear message about the magic of Christmas that is enough to get anyone excited for the following morning really.

4. Continuing on from this magic theme, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is another huge favourite of mine. This book I wouldn’t normally think of as a winter novel, but more of an autumnal novel however, this could not be missed off any of my booklists and since as it is about love and magic following the themes of my previous picks above, I thought this was perfect. The same way Edward Sissorhands is played at Christmas, this is a book worth reading. As you read it you can actually see it becoming a film by Tim Burton himself with illusions, books, magic, forbidden love and a conflict with a complex antagonist its not worth missing anytime of the year, especially after Christmas 🙂

5. As New Year fast approaches, you’re probably feeling lazy and snug or if you’re a party goer maybe your thinking about if you’ll meet the right person tonight? Well, there’s not one book, not two but three books not worth missing out on. I know the films are amazing and all since as they’re what made me want to read it in the first place but the books are just as classic and do not let you down and are obviously slightly different to the films with Bridget getting in hilarious situations. I actually got Mad About The Boy for my birthday (October) last year but since as the books start and end on New Year its always worth holding on for. You learn about what happens after the happily ever after with Jones and Darcy and slight spoilers…they have kids! So it is comical learning about Bridget being a mother…and if I said anymore I’ll give out more spoilers. But yes, definitely a winter warmer to keep you smiling when the Christmas magic has disappeared.

6. This ones more for the boys (stereotypically!) My fiancé and I are huge Bond Fans and both confess to having read Point Blanc as young teenagers. This is one from the series I will read over and over again, it’s Christmassy as its set in the Alps (skiing anyone?), the plot is only slightly confusing as some things in it are deliberately there to confuse Alex and therefore the reader. The action is not heavy loaded but Horowitz does not leave you disappointed either but hanging on the cliff edge waiting for more.

I feel like I’ve ranted on a bit but I just think seasonal book recommendations such a cute idea. If you’ve read any of the above or have read any other books worth snuggling up to the sofa by a cosy fire to feel free to comment below 🙂 I have scheduled my first restaurant review blog post soon so keep an eye out for that, and good luck to all those who started school again today-thank you!

whiterosewriting’s signing off and out x










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